Developmental Paediatrics

Developmental Paediatrics

Who is the Developmental Paediatrician?

Dr. Ben Klein, a Developmental Paediatrician, is the Medical Director at Lansdowne Children's Centre.

Who is eligible for Developmental Paediatric Services?

Lansdowne Children's Centre clients receiving other services are eligible to have an assessment completed by the Developmental Paediatrician. Referrals can be requested by Lansdowne service providers working with the client and their family.

What can I expect?

Once a referral to the Developmental Paediatrician has been completed you will be contacted by Lansdowne Children's Centre to arrange a date/time for an assessment. You and your child will meet at Lansdowne with the Developmental Paediatrician where general information sharing and informal and standardized evaluation will occur to determine your child’s abilities and needs. Once the review is completed the Developmental Paediatrician will review the findings and determine the best plan of intervention for your child.

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