Holistic Integrated Teams (HITs)

Holistic Integrated Teams (HITs)

What are Holistic Integrated Teams (HITs)?

  • Holistic Integrated Teams (HITs) involve the various service providers that may be involved in your child’s care at Lansdowne, who will deliver family-centered service using a coordinated team approach
  • Holistic Integrated Teams are lined up with geographic divisions in Brantford and Brant county with dedicated staff trained to work together to serve that area’s families. Our staff also work within a ‘team’ model in partnership with services in Haldimand and Norfolk counties.


Who is eligible for Holistic Integrated Teams?

  • For a child to be eligible for HITs services, they must:
    • benefit from a team approach
    • be actively involved with at least 2 of the following services:
      • Occupational Therapy (OT)
      • Speech & Language Pathology (SLP)
      • Physiotherapy (PT)
    • Be referred prior to the start of the calendar year they will be attending school


What is the benefit of this service?

  • A joint assessment is completed by your child’s service providers in a play-based manner, limiting the number of individual assessments needed (further individual assessments can be completed if it is felt relevant by the family or team)
  • Based off the play-based assessment findings, the team will collaborate with you to create and prioritize goals across all areas of need for your child and family; recommend strategies and a treatment plan based on your child/family interests; and connect you to appropriate community resources
  • Having a single plan of care including team-based treatment options can allow quicker access to services and provide a more coordinated (holistic) and efficient approach to individual child & family needs and strengths
  • Examples of how we achieve holistic and coordinated care include (but are not limited to):
    • Joint sessions with more than one service provider
    • Trans-disciplinary care – a service provider will address multiple goal areas in their sessions, with guidance from the other disciplines involved
    • Organizing case conferences with the family, Lansdowne team members, and external service providers when needed

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