How We Provide Services

How We Provide Services

Inclusion and Empowerment are particularly important values when it comes to our collaborative partnership with families in providing service. Our staff are guided by the principles of Family Centred Practice which means we treat families with dignity and respect, sensitive to your unique needs and choices in making decisions. This also means sharing information sensitively and providing service that takes into account family goals.

We work to offer services flexibly, using formal and informal supports to build on family strengths. Through mutual trust, respect, open communication and finding solutions together we can best reach family goals.

Virtual Care at Lansdowne

Although many of our services are provided in person, Virtual Care service delivery is one option of getting services provided by Lansdowne Children’s Centre.

Virtual Care Encounters (VCE) are sessions where service providers, clients, and/or families are not in the same place.

At Lansdowne, we use Zoom, which meets healthcare privacy regulations. Children/youth/family and their service provider(s) can see and speak with each other while in different places. For client sessions, it is the expectation a family member will be with the child/youth during sessions.  Just like face-to-face sessions, video VCE creates a safe and positive therapeutic experience for your child/youth, and activities are planned that are engaging, and that address your child/youth’s needs. VCE is also an alternate option for family sessions/meetings.

Talk with your service provider(s) about the best service option(s) for your children/youth/family.