School Aged Therapy Services

School Aged Therapy Services

What is SBRS?
School Based Rehabilitation Services [SBRS] include Occupational Therapy [OT], Physiotherapy [PT] and Speech Therapy [ST] for speech needs and is provided to school-aged children in their publicly-funded schools.

Who is eligible for SBRS?
Children attending publicly funded schools who meet eligibility criteria can receive OT and PT from school entry. SBRS speech therapy can be initiated in SK for children with articulation, fluency or voice concerns.

What can I expect?
SBRS referrals can be initiated by Lansdowne Children’s Centre outpatient therapists or schools with consent from parents/guardians. Once a referral is received, your child may be placed on a waitlist. When your child’s name gets to the top of the list you will be contacted by the SBRS intake coordinator who will update your child’s information. The SBRS therapist will then contact you to explain the assessment process, obtain your consent and let you know the date of assessment, which will take place at school. Once assessment has been completed you will be contacted to review the findings, develop goals and determine the plan of intervention following our care pathways.

You are welcome to attend assessment and intervention sessions at your child’s school Should you have questions we encourage you to contact our SBRS Intake Coordinator, Nicole Ward at or 519-753-3153 ext 313

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