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Lansdowne needs a new home for our growing service responsibilities and more local families whose children need services.

To build a fully accessible, innovative, technologically-enabled facility our families now require, we must secure sustainable funding, working with government, partner organizations and friends of Lansdowne in our business community.

A new centre is absolutely essential… Raising a child with special needs draws on physical, social and mental supports. Lansdowne Children’s Centre is here to provide them… But thousands of kids on a waiting list amounts to a community crisis. We champion the needs of these families—it is our only focus. The ballooning list of families whose children join our waitlist drives our passion for the Lansdowne solution: a home that fits our community’s needs today and gives them a chance to grow to see their tomorrows.

Lansdowne’s extraordinary staff and leadership share our children’s and families’ hopes and dreams. The most urgent part, that will unleash real change, is a new building. How will you be part of it?